I’m Malin Irevang, owner of Happy Websites.

About Me.

Driven by perfection - Striving for Resonance

Web Designer +
WP/ Elementor developer.

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Started building websites on MySpace in the year 2000 and continued with WordPress themes, HTML, CSS and builders such as Divi and Elementor. I was self taught until 2017 when I studies and  graduated as a Content Producer 2018 and started my own business, Happy Websites.

Work Experience.

In 2014-2017 I built over 4 websites for gr8 meetings working as sales/ marketing and web assistant and i continue to build and administer their 7-10 websites, depending on season. 2018 I started my own website building business, Happy Websites, and have built over 35 websites, templates and webshops.


I am self taught in WordPress, trouble shooting, Elementor, page optimization, Woo- Commerce, SEO and installing and up-keeping websites. As a Content Producer (Malmö Yrkeshögskola, Higher Vocational Education) I learned DiVi, HTML, CSS and content production.

Excellent Service is my passion

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Know Me.

If you really knew me you would know how important health, movement and growth is to me. Always following my heart and passions has led me to learn, understand and study areas like spirituality, personal development, communication, psychology and nutrition, and for work digital marketing, SEO, social media platforms and strategies, WordPress, User Experience, online communications and sales. Learning something and mastering it is important to me, which is why you’ll always get excellent dedicated and personal service and a solution-based collaborator that will aim and reach your satisfaction and overshine your expectations.

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From Thought to Website

My Skills.



I create visually and love seeing a new website take for that matches tha branding and intention of the business I’m helping. With beautiful design comes functionality and a great user experience according the latest industry trends. A beautiful and functional website delivers engaging experiences, builds trust for your target group, and attracts and engages your audience.



I specialize in developing WordPress websites using the drag-and-drop builder Elementor. Overcoming technical hurdles and troubleshooting enhances user experience and search engine visibility. I focus on easy navigation and highlight the essentials. Whether I am updating existing websites or building new ones, I guarantee exceptional results that exceed expectations.


Multifunctional project manager

As a multifunctional project manager, I lead website projects from planning to flawless execution while ensuring proper branding and maintenance. I believe in continuous improvement for a successful website.

Education, courses and competencies

Ever since internet became the norm in classrooms (2001), I’ve been curious about how building websites works. Over the years the knowledge and embodiment of providing a great user experience in the form beautiful yet simple and easy to use websites has formed and countless courses, self taught YouTube videos, courses and classes later, I’m confident our working together will create your business’s the best calling card on the web.

-Video Production (UK Level 5)

-Creative Video Production (UK Level 6)

-Digital Performance Portfolio (UK Level 5)



-Content creation/ Design

-Adobe Photoshop/ InDesign and Illustrator


-Best practice building websites

-Website Builders

-HTML, CSS, Javascript


-Logo design

more about me


Everything I do in life makes me thrive. My passions are my livelihood and I love every single thing I immerse myself in. For me, life is too short to do something you hate or be someone you don’t really like. Prioritizing my passions keeps me on edge, energetic, solution oriented and awesome at what I do professionally.

PErsonal Development.

With a solid base of understanding one self, navigating life, people and situations becomes so much earlier. Always growing and learning, I’m soon extending my offer to Life Coaching with a focus on communication and authenticity.


With a Bachelor in Music I found my passion in singing and evolving and promoting the Afrobeats culture. Based in academic work, papers and research we can consolidate a music genre, and advocate more diversity and representation for the Afrobeats community.


Healthy mind, healthy body. Nutrition, how our body works and neuro science helps me to not just know what to do to stay energized, focused and healthy, but follow up om my learnings and living  it.


This is when I have most fun! Moving my body, learning choreographies and have fun in relation with others. I believe fun and play opens up my creative and logical mind and expands it beyond the norm.