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What am I paying for? What is the value I get when working with Happy Websites? All your questions answered here. More to come. If anything is missing, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

-An introductory meeting discussing desires of design, structure, branding, intentions, and goals.
-WordPress, theme, and plugins installation and maintenance until launch.

—Simpler workflow
—Website Builder
—Duplicate Post

-Padlock SSL – Let’s Encrypt (If hosted by HW or included in the pre-owned hosting).
-Posting of existing texts, meta texts and titles, and optimized images. (Creation and optimising for Google is included in the All Inclusive).
-Video tutorial of Elementor and WordPress dashboard.
-Links to further exploration of Elementor, SEO, branding, marketing, and website creation.
-30 minutes post-launch website support call.

Contact us for more information about the All Inclusive Offers.

The Domain is the address of your website and has a fixed cost per year, depending on where you buy it. It varies from 0 cost first year to 20 USD. Hosting is the space online you build and have your website on. This varies more and usually starts at around 170 USD per year. Happy Websites provides Hosting and domain in one for 169 USD per year.

Getting the full support from a professional in online presence, design, digital marketing, color theory, and branding could be a mental relief when starting a business. You have the experience, the knowledge and something amazing to serve the people of the world, and we guide you through everything from choosing a domain (a very important part of your branding and communication) to colors and fonts of your website (which will be reflected in your marketing and content creation for cohesion and interconnection of your brand) to how to package your services, communication and marketing online. All this with your website as a foundation, the hub where all of your content and links are connected and a simple, beautiful and user-friendly place where your fans and clients can feel safe, educated and entertained. If your brand is already solid, a Branding Kit is beneficial for the earlier-mentioned reasons in content marketing and branding.

To keep your website functioning and up to date it needs love and attention on a monthly basis. As your website is built in WordPress with various plugins and PHP versions, it is necessary to make sure all of these components are up to date and work well with each other. They get updated for the sake of safety, preventing your website from getting hacked, bug fixes and making sure everything runs smoothly. If you leave your website unattended, the website could break or the design may get skewed. Without the proper knowledge or support at this point, the risk could be loss of design and content.

When urgency is important you will get priority every time to ensure the right information and design get launched on time at all times. You’ll also get access to Happy Websites via WhatsApp for smaller inquiries about design, content, marketing and branding and a 10% off all support hours purchased.